To Lead and To Serve

In October 2019, my journey in leading the Schools Division Office of Alaminos City, then the City Schools Division of Alaminos City, started. The day beckoned a new beginning as I resolved to lead and to serve Alaminians with the highest level of commitment, dedication, perseverance and integrity.

Leading and serving the school heads, teachers and learners of the 37 elementary schools, 8 secondary schools and one integrated school from no less than the home of the famous Hundred Islands National Park, Alaminos City, has afforded me the singular privilege of working with a cohesive, proactive and exceptionally generous and supportive team of local government officials and stakeholders. These people, who share with us the same passion to lead and serve with a heart, significantly help us deliver the quality education our young Alaminians rightfully deserve.

At SDO Alaminos City, we may be small in size and numbers, but ours is a team of education officials, school heads, teachers and personnel who progressively work together and support one another for the best interest and welfare of both our learners and our communities. We believe that by growing, empowering, and supporting people, we are building the scaffolds for our children’s promising future. To me, to truly lead and serve means to change and transform the lives of as many people for the better.

Only in Alaminos City can you ever see more than a hundred islands and…only at SDO Alaminos can you ever find strong leaders who are always happy and ready with a hundred reasons to serve!