Division ISO 9001:2015 Retooling for Quality Management System

In line with the continuous implementation of Quality Management System in the Schools Division Office of Alaminos City in accordance with its ISO 9001:2015 Certification, a two-day “Division ISO 9001:2015 Retooling for Quality Management” was conducted last July 25 and 26, 2019 at Schools Division Office Conference Room, through with the leadership of Dr. Danilo C. Sison, Schools Division Superintendent, together with Mr. Aguedo C. Fernandez, Assistant Schools Division Superintendent and also the Quality Management Representative, Dr. Adolfo B. Medrano, the Overall Document Controller and Mrs. Cecilia M. Nisperos, the Lead of Internal Quality Auditors.

The opening program started as Mrs. Elnora T. Raroque, Education Program Supervisor in English, the assigned Lady of Ceremony requested everyone to stand for the singing of the National Anthem and prayer. Ms. Rosalie R. Sarmiento, Administrative Officer V, grabbed everyone’s attention through her greetings and acknowledged the personnel’s presence through a Roll Call.

Dr. Arturo R. Viray, Chief Education Supervisor in School Governance and Operations Division, delivered his welcome remarks and talked about some of the different documents needed during the ISO retooling. Next, Mr. Fernandez gave his message and happily congratulated the people who worked hard to make the Schools Division Office of Alaminos City ISO 9001:2015 Certified. He also said that the two-day activity is intended for training and calibration of audit teams and document controllers, to revisit and harmonize the processes, procedures and services and to discuss issues and concerns regarding ISO.

The opening meeting begun as Mr. Juan “Juaqui” C. Aquino, Jr., Division ISO Consultant, conveyed the processes to be done after the two-day activity like harmonizing the different processes and making it into one process only. He also clarified that ISO does not promote quicker processes and procedures, but promotes quality of doing business activities and delivering the services to the customers while performing well the respective duties and responsibilities.

On the second day, the Internal Quality Audit Teams went to the different offices in the Division Office to inspect and check documents for possible enhancement and improvement. The activity ended successfully as the Internal Quality Audit Teams discussed the results of the inspection and checking.