ISO Stage 5

To ensure that all processes, procedure manuals and work instruction manuals are aligned and compliant to ISO 9001:2015, the Personnel of the Schools Division Office of City of Alaminos, with the transformative leadership of the Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Danilo C. Sison, CESO V, has hurdled a major step towards one of its main goals for the Calendar 2018, and that is to attain the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Certification.

This three-day gap analysis activity is an endeavor which certainly serves as the driving force for all the Personnel in the Division Office to work harder and to deliver quality services to achieve customers’ satisfaction.

Mr. Juan C. Aquino, Jr., the President, Chief Executive Officer and Senior Auditor of the AQM Management Consultancy Services, together with his Junior Auditors, Mrs. Mae Ann Evangelista, Miss Christine Mae Tugano and Miss Reina Hallare, served as the External Auditors for the Final Audit for ISO Alignment. Before the conduct of the final activity or the gap analysis for SDO-City of Alaminos, an opening meeting was conducted and was attended by all Personnel in the Division.

Dr. Sison, in his message, emphasized the significance of cooperation and action as forceful values towards the end-goal of attaining ISO Certification. He also uplifted everybody’ spirit as he encouraged all personnel to be more proactive at all times and to welcome change as part of the growth and development of the organization.

Mr. Aquino, also gave his inspiring message to all and reassured everyone of his team’s support for the attainment of ISO Certification. In his message, he also explained that the very purpose of the ISO Certification is to continuously enhance the processes to make the delivery of services effective and efficient to cause positive impact to the lives of the clients. He, too, motivated all personnel to continuously work harder so that they may make their organization a world-class organization which will render a world-class quality of service to the public.

On the third day of the External Audit, a closing meeting was held at the Schools Division Office Conference Room. During the closing meeting, Mr. Aquino has given his big announcement about the alignment of SDO-City of Alaminos to ISO. Furthermore, he announced that the Division Office has no minor nor major non-conformance and is ready to deliver world-class and quality services to the public; thus, it stands by its banner: “Hundred Islands, Hundred Reasons to Serve with Care”.