ISO Stage 1

The road in achieving the International Organization Standards (ISO) Certification is comparable to a long and winding journey that certainly entails significant values and key characteristics such as commitment, teamwork, hard work, selflessness, patience, and discipline.

To respond to the attainment of the said certification, last October 25, 2018, the Schools Division Office of City of Alaminos, through the strong leadership of Dr. Danilo C. Sison, CESO V, the very devoted Schools Division Superintendent, took its first step in attaining quality standards, to improve the services for customers’ satisfaction.

A short program was held at the Schools Division Office Conference Room before the start of Stage 1 proper. Mrs. Mae Ann O. Evangelista and Miss Dianica Esturas, Junior Auditors of the Juan C. Aquino Team came and served as the Resource Speakers for the first stage of the said Certification.

Dr. Arturo R. Viray, Chief Education Supervisor in School Governance and Operations Division, requested all Division personnel’s cooperation and encouraged everyone to work together for the achievement of the goal to ISO Certification. He, too, posted questions about the ISO and its impact in an organization.

Dr. Sison, in his message, presented the Division’s vision to attain the ISO Certification and motivated everyone to work hand-in-hand. He, also discussed Executive Order No. 605, which adopts the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, which was issued last 2006. Furthermore, he explained that ISO mean “equal value” and its main purpose is to standardize the processes in an organization, to simplify its operations and services and to extend quality services for the satisfaction of the clients.

Next, Mrs. Evangelista presented the ISO Stage1, which is all about the Awareness and Foundation Course for ISO 9001: 2015. With the ISO mantra, “Everyday is an improvement day”, she emphasized that customers should gain satisfaction from the simple and fast transactions in an organization. Moreover, she explained the importance of the feedback mechanisms to further enhance the delivery of services to the people.

In the afternoon, the following School Division Office Personnel and Teachers in the Division were assigned by Dr. Sison to their respective designations:

Over-all Document Controller: Dr. Adolfo B. Medrano

Deputy Document Controller: Mrs. Elnora T. Raroque


Document Controllers

Dr. Ronald B. Radoc (Learning Resource)

Dr. Aleta C. Begonia (Kindergarten)

Miss Joesilin B. Pol (ALS)

Mr. Carlo B. Agustin (Information Technology)

Mr. Keith V. Garcia (Youth Formation)

Mrs. Kimberlyn C. Legaspi (Office of the Schools Division Superintendent)

Mr. Nicanor L. Navarro II (Office of the Assistant Schools Division Superintendent)

Mr. Abraham B. Asto (Health Unit)

Mrs. Soledad P. Peralta (Monitoring and Evaluation)

Dr. Diana Marie G. Oiguan (Human Resource Development)

Mr. Freddie B. Peralta (Human Resource Management)

Mrs. Angelica Jean D. Garcia (Records)

Mr. Adrian Rabanillo (Accounting)

Dr. Arturo R. Viray (School Governance and Operations Division)

Mrs. Karen R. Tobias (Property)

Miss Karen C. Catabay (Cash)

Dr. Wilfredo E. Sindayen (Curriculum Implementation Division)

Miss Rosalie R. Sarmiento (General Services)

Mrs. Marife A. Viray (Planning)

Dr. Miguel G. Gellado, Jr. (Research)

Internal Auditors:

Lead Auditor: Mrs. Cecilia M. Nisperos

Members: Dr. Edna C. Caserial                     Mr. Mario D. Rantayo

Dr. Orlando I. Guerrero                 Mr. Nelson Nacar

Dr. Jo Ann B. Torio                         Mrs. Bella R. Villanos

Mr. Arleen Alcantara                      Mrs. Arlene Beniola

Miss Elisa Ranoy                             Mr. Nelson Nacar

Mrs. Perla Pascua                            Dr. Robert V. Flores

Dr. Orlando I. Guerrero                 Mrs. Benedicta Santos

Mrs. Gladys Maizano                    Miss Sarah Mendez

Mrs. Celia Quintinita                     Mrs. Lorna Cabanayan

Dr. Cynthia Tablang                      Mr. Jose Ramil Sibun

Continuous Improvement Group

Team Leader: Mrs. Elnora T. Raroque

Members: Dr. Orlando I Guerrero                             Dr. Aida Cadawas

Dr. Miguel G. Gellado, Jr.                         Mrs. Cecilia Nisperos

Dr. Diana Marie G. Oiguan


Quality Management Representative: Mr. Aguedo C. Fernandez