When the humble town of Alaminos became a city on March 28, 2001, its first City Mayor, the Hon, Eduardo F. Fontelera, envisioned the birth of a Schools Division for Alaminos. And for a father of a city who only aims for and wants the best for his people, it was indeed one remarkable dream that was meant to be realized two years later.

The dream of creating the Alaminos City Division started to take shape when Mayor Eduardo F. Fontelera met with then DepEd Regional Director, Dr. Remedios k. Taguba, to discuss with her the possibility and feasibility of making Alaminos the fifth city schools division in Region 1.

And on December 11, 2002, the Memorandum of Agreement between the City Government of Alaminos represented by Mayor Eduardo F. Fontelera and the Department of Education represented by Dr. Remedios K. Taguba was finally signed, thus, providing for the establishment of the Interim Alaminos City Division.

On January 31, 2003, Mayor Fontelera informed, in writing, Dr. Elinda T. Nava, Schools Division Superintendent of Pangasinan I, about the December 11, 2002 MOA and informed her further that the budget for the Interim Alaminos City Division Office was already appropriated and that the office of the division superintendent was ready and in place.

Dr. Erlinda T. Nava, in response, expressed her full support, cooperation and involvement and then communicated with the DepEd Regional Office for instructions relevant to the early implementation of the said MOA.

Mayor Fontelera also informed the newly installed DepEd Regional Director, Dir. Vilma L. Labrador, that everything is ready for the establishment of the Alaminos City Division and his office was just waiting for the MOA to be implemented. In his letter to Director Labrador, Mayor Fontelera also welcomed the new director and he expressed his unconditional support to her leadership.

Proving to be the proactive and dynamic leader that she is, Director Labrador acted favourably on the MOA, hence, the quest for the dream continued.

This series of events eventually led to the June 12, 2003 visit of Dir. Labrador to Alaminos for a final meeting with Mayor Eduardo Fontelera, Dr. Erlinda T. Nava, Dr. Lydia M. Surot, incoming officer-in-charge of the city division, Dr. Josefina G. Tamondong, ASDS of Pangasinan I, Mrs. Gloria N. Reinoso of Alaminos City National High School, Dr. Marlene D. Bergonia of Alaminos Central School and other city officials and school heads.

This was a pivotal event that beckoned the realization of the dream of the Alaminians to have their separate city schools division.

And on June 17, 2003, Tuesday, the tenth division of DepEd Region 1 was finally born. The dream has truly become a reality. It was one historic day as teachers and students of the different schools in the city of Alaminos and officials from the city government and from the Department of Education convened at the Alaminos Central School campus for the momentous inauguration and turn-over rites of the Alaminos City Division.

At 10:00 a.m., Director Vilma L. Labrador of DepEd Region 1, together with Dr. Erlinda T. Nava, Dr. Lydia M. Surot, Hon. Eduardo F. Fontelera, Mrs. Gloria N. Reinoso, Dr. Marlene D. Bergonia, and other city officials and school heads did the honoring of cutting the ceremonial ribbon. This was followed immediately by the blessing of the buildings that would house the City School’s Division Office.

The turn-over rites kicked off with the doxology led by Raquel Anne S. Dela Cruz and Mr. Manibel I. Balgua of the Alaminos National High School while the ANHS Teachers Choir led the singing of the National Anthem.

The guests were then presented by Mrs. Gloria N. Reinoso. Among them were BM Danilo Dizon, BM Ariel de Guzman, Dr. Josefina G. Tamondong, ASDS of Pangasinan 1, Dr. Alma Ruby C. Torio, ASDS of Pangasinan II, Kgd. Teresita Diego, Kgd. Orlando Go and other key personalities from the Alaminos City government and from DepEd Region 1.

On the other hand, Dr. Marlene D. Bergonia, the host Principal, and Hon. Eduardo F. Fontelera delivered their respective welcome address. Mayor Fontelera was afforded a rousing applause for being the first mayor from the new cities in Region 1 to open a city division.

Atty. Isagani Humilde and Atty. Ayar Montemayor spoke in behalf of Gov. Victor E. Agbayani and Congressman Arthur F. Celeste.

Then, it was time for the momentous installation of the schools division superintendent by Dir. Vilma L. Labrador who challenged and inspired especially the teachers from the division to live up to the challenge of being the smart, active, and competent teachers they can be, before she officially installed Dr. Lydia M. Surot to office.

Amid the approval of the crowd, Dr. Lydia M. Surot, CESO VI, became the first ever Officer-In-Charge, Office of the City Schools Division Superintendent by virtue of the order signed by DepEd Secretary Edilberto de Jesus on June 4 of the same year.

In the absence of the guest of honor and speaker, DepEd Undersecretary Fe A. Hidalgo, Dir. Vilma L. Labrador ably delivered her inspirational message through a series of songs that captivated the hearts and won the approval of everyone present.

After the well-applauded message of Dir. Vilma L. Labrador was the historic entrance of the Alaminos City Division Banner. Students from the different schools in the city followed the banner bearers. The students in uniform and some in their Filipiniana outfit represented the new city division’s vision of seeing its young people grow into well-educated and well-refined members of society. Simultaneous with the entrance was the singing of the Alaminos Hymn written by the late Felicano Bautista and with music by Mrs. Elisa B. Tangalin.

In the ceremonial turn-over of the city division banner, Dir. Vilma L. Labrador received the sbanner and assisted by Dr. Alama Ruby C. Torio and Dr. Josefina G. Tamondong, she turned it over to Dr. Sylvia M. Surot after Superintendent Erlinda T. Nava pulled out the banner of the Division of Pangasinan 1.

This, then, was followed immediately by the singing of the closing song, “Walk with Faith in Your Heart.”

An on that fateful day of June 17, 2003, the people of the city of Alaminos headed by Mayor Educardo F. Fontelera welcomed yet another significant chapter in their history as one people and as one family under a new city schools division.

Briefly put, Mayor Eduardo F. Fontelera and the Alaminos have once again proven, “Anything you can conceive and believe in, that you can achieve.”


Alaminos City Division in Later Years

When Dr. Lydia M. Surot, the Officer-In-Charge, Office of the Schools Division Superintendent of Alaminos City Division and concurrently the Assistant Schools Division Superintendent of Pangasinan I, retired on April 13, 2004, Dr. Oscar C. Tadeo, District Supervisor, Dinmaley II District, was designated as Officer-in-Charge on April 18, 2004.

Later, Dr. Renato R. Viray, Schools Division Superintendent of San Carlos City Division, was assigned to head the division on October 4, 2004. When he retired on June 1, 2009, the division was later headed by Dr. Oscar C. Tadeo as Officer-In-Charge of the Office fo the Assistant Schools Division Superintendent.

During the tenure of Dr. Tadeo, the City Schools Division has thirty-six (36) public elementary schools, seven (7) national high schools, twelve (12) private elementary schools, and four (4) private secondary schools within the city.

The Division has nine (9) Education Program Supervisors, they are (1) Mr. Wilfredo E. Sindayen for English; (2) Mrs. Lolita R. Cabatic for Filipino; (3) Mrs. Febelina V. Jimenez for Mathematics; (4) Mrs. Cecilia M. Nisperos for Science; (5) Mrs. Bella R. Villanos for Technology and Livelihood Education; (6) Dr. Mercuria C. Rendon for Pre-Elem; (7) Mr. Orlando I. Guerrero for Araling Panlipunan; (8) Dr. Arturo R. Viray for MAPEH; and (9) Mrs. Aleta C. Begonia for Alternative Learning System.

The Division has placed in the map of Region I because of its remarkable performance. Despite having limited resources, this division is broadening and widening its linkages with the different organizations so it can provide the learning needs of its clientele. It continues to encourage every school personnel to make every school conducive to learning as this is a healthy avenue for the development of knowledge, skills and values of every young citizen.

Very clearly, the provision of good quality education is the battle cry of every school administrator and teacher in order that learners will become productive and versatile citizens locally and globally.

When Dr. Tadeo retired on 2013, he was succeeded by Dr. Danilo C. Sison, Assistant Schools Division Superintendent of Dagupan City Division.