Division Training-Workshop on the DepEd Digital Rise Offline E-Learning using DCP Computer Packages

With the mandate of the Department of Education (DepEd) to oversee the proper implementation of its computerization program, following the guidelines as stated in DepEd ORDER No. 78, s. 2010 or the “Guidelines on the Implementation of the DepEd Computerization Program”, the Schools Division Office of Alaminos City, under the headship of the very committed Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Lorna Garcia-Bugayong, CESO VI, and with the support of the Assistant Schools Division Superintendent, Mr. Aguedo C. Fernandez, CESO VI, conducted the Division Training-Workshop on the DepEd Digital Rise Offline E-Learning using DCP Computer Packages at Empress Hotel, Brgy. Lucap, Alaminos City, Pangasinan on December 16-17, 2019.

This two-day Division activity started with a short opening program hosted by Mr. Alphy Z. Dauplo, Master Teacher I from Cayucay Elementary School and one of the assigned learning facilitators of the said training-workshop. All the participants were requested to stand for the singing of the National Anthem and the worship song.

Mr. Carlo B. Agustin, Information Technology Officer in the Division Office and the program owner of the activity, together with Dr. Diana Marie G. Oiguan, Education Program Specialist II and the Officer-In-Charge in the Office of the Senior Education Program Specialist of the Human Resource Development with Planning and Research (HRD with PR) unit and Ms. Precious Joy R. Gameng, Administrative Aide in HRD with PR unit gave their full assistance and guidance to the team of learning facilitators headed by Dr. Raquel Rarang-Rivera, Master Teacher I from the Alaminos City National High School.

Dr. Rivera and her team, composed of Information Communication and Technology (ICT) coordinators from select elementary and secondary schools in the Division, introduced to the participants the capabilities, functionalities and advantages of using Open Educational Resources (OER) as powerful tools in support to the electronic or “e-Learning” even without internet connectivity. Moreover, the team facilitated some useful and informative lectures about the DepEd Digital Rise program which targets to ensure the delivery of quality, accessible, relevant and liberating education by bridging the digital gap through the massive usage of the DCP packages in all subject areas, the utilization of OER as a supplementary tool to foster creativity in the delivery of instruction to the learners, the curation and development of the offline e-learning modules using open-source materials and software and the development of training resource packages to be used in Learning Action Cell sessions in all schools in the Division.

On the first day of the training-workshop, Dr. Rivera and the members of the team of learning facilitators productively facilitated sessions on the utilization of OER materials and the development of offline interactive module, which includes the CourseLab 2.4. In the afternoon session of the first day of the activity, the participant grasped knowledge and full understanding on the finalization of content development which are very significant on the use of OER to ensure mastery of learning and improved learning outcomes of the children in schools. Afterwards, a hands-on activity was initiated by the team to let the participants experience the CourseLab 2.4. Dr. Rivera and the other members of the team of learning facilitators, patiently guided the participants as they logically manipulated the software application.

The second day of the training-workshop was a very busy and productive day for all the participants as they gained knowledge and understanding about the development of the offline interactive module about the Wondershare Quizcreator and Kolibri. After the lectures presented to them by the learning facilitators, the participants were given ample time to manipulate the software and to craft digitized instructional materials using the OER.

The closing program transpired in the afternoon of the second day of the training. Everyone was requested to stand and to sing the Patriotic Song. Some assigned participants were given the opportunity to give their impressions about the conduct of the training-workshop, and they were able to expressed how thankful they are to the Program Management Team for initiating such activity. They also greeted and thanked the team of the learning facilitators for patiently imparting to them the necessary information and knowledge about the OER for them to improve their teaching performances inside the classroom so that they can inspire their learners to study harder through boosting their interest using the offline learning and instructional material.

Before conveying his closing remarks, Mr. Agustin took the lead in the awarding of certificates of participation to the key teachers who were assigned as the participants and certificates of recognition to the ICT coordinators who served as the learning facilitators to this activity.