Division Seminar-Workshop on the Critical Content in MAPEH

Last October 22-24, 2019, the Schools Division Office of Alaminos City, led by Dr. Lorna Garcia-Bugayong, CESO VI, the Schools Division Superintendent, with the support of Mr. Aguedo C. Fernandez, the Assistant Schools Division Superintendent, conducted the Division Seminar-Workshop on the Critical Content in MAPEH at Sea Urchin, Brgy. Lucap, Alaminos City, Pangasinan.

According to Mr. Arleen R. Alcantara, Division Education Program Supervisor in MAPEH and the program owner of the said activity, this three-day Division endeavor aims to further capacitate and to harness the basic skills of the teachers in the Division who are teaching Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health. Mr. Alcantara also said that this activity shall provide an avenue to all the participants to learn the fundamentals of music and for them to build confidence and boost their self-esteem as music teachers. He also expects that the participants may not only have physical, but also mental, social and emotional awareness on the significance of music to the daily lives and culture of the learners and the people in the community.

Upon their arrival at the training venue, the participants were asked by Miss Precious Joy R. Gameng and Mr. Anjo Rarang, Administrative Aides in Human Resource Development with Planning and Research (HRD with PR) unit and MAPEH department, respectively, to sign in the attendance sheets. Dr. Diana Marie G. Oiguan, Education Program Specialist II and the Officer-In-Charge in the Office of the Senior Education Program Specialist in HRD with PR unit, and also the assigned Lady of Ceremony for the opening program, extended her greetings to the participants and requested them to stand for the singing of the National Anthem, the prayer, Pangasinan Hymn and Alaminos City Division Hymn.

Dr. Wilfredo E. Sindayen, Chief Education Supervisor in the Curriculum Implementation Division and the program manager, delivered the opening remarks to the participants and expressed the need to conduct the said training to empower the teachers in the Division who are teaching music for them to effectively and efficiently deliver the goods to our clienteles. In addition, Dr. Sindayen revealed, in his part, that there are MAPEH non-major teachers who are teaching the learning area and there is really a need to equip these non-major teachers for them to focus on the least mastered competencies in MAPEH, which is music. He, then, challenged everyone to make the most out of the seminar-workshop and be able to grasp the key concepts from the training.

Next, Mr. Alcantara did the presentation of participants and explained the overview of the training. He also presented the training house rules to be followed by the participants.

Dr. Bugayong conveyed her heartfelt message to all the participants. She expressed her gratitude to Dr. Sindayen and to Mr. Alcantara for initiating such activity to benefit the MAPEH teachers, especially the non-major ones. She also thanked all the participants for attending the seminar-workshop and told them not to take the activity so seriously, but instead she encouraged them to have fun and just enjoy what they are learning so that they will become more productive as they do their roles and functions happily.

After the message of Dr. Bugayong, the training proper started. Miss April Dawn V. Camero, a teacher from Victoria Elementary School, facilitated the session on Rhythm and Form. In the afternoon of the first day of the seminar-workshop, Miss Dana Leah C. Niňeza, a teacher from Alos National High School, delivered the session on Melody. After the delivery of the sessions on the first day, workshops were done and the teachers were instructed to sing applying what they have learned about Rhythm, Form and Melody.

On the second day of the training, Mrs. Alma C. Nepascua, Teacher III from Cayucay National High School, proficiently discussed the topics about Timbre and Dynamics. In her delivery of the topics, she used videos and instructive materials to motivate the interest of the participants. She also grouped them and assigned them to sing with their fellow participants.

The last day of the seminar-workshop started with a management of learning; the participants were able to review what they have learned on the first and second day of training. Mr. Raynand P. Nepascua, a teacher in MAPEH from the Alaminos City National High School, shared to the class his meaningful insights about Tempo, Texture and Harmony. He explained the significance of these elements in music and tried to demonstrate to the class.

The closing program took place after the discussion of all the sessions on the third day of the seminar-workshop. The assigned master of ceremony signaled all the participants to stand and to sing the Patriotic Song and the prayer. The assigned participants, who gave their impressions articulated their appreciation to the Division Office and to the personnel who initiated the conduct of this activity. Next, the certificates of training were awarded to the participants and the seminar-workshop successfully came to a close.